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Project Start Date:  1-Jan-2011
All images Copyright 2011 by Jeffrey L. Cooper.  Contact me here.

After a 1 year hiatus, this is Year 4- the Mobile Edition. Year 1 of Picture365 project archive is here, Year 2 is here and Year 3 is here.

Welcome to my fourth year of Picture365. After a 1 year hiatus in 2010 to focus on work and a very busy life, I have returned, but with a twist. All photos taken in 2011 for this project will be done on a mobile device only. Most likely, that will be a Nokia phone, as I work for Nokia and they have the best camera phones out there. I may, on occasion, take photos on competing products for comparison purposes.

The goals for Picture365* are to improve my photo taking capability and creativity, which will be challenged by being on a mobile device only with limited controls. It will help me by:
1. Paying closer attention to composition
2. Noticing things about my enviroment that are worthy of a photo.
3. Experimenting with new techniques and ideas- some may fail, some succeed- to add tools to my repertoire.
4. Push the limits of a mobile phone and exploit characteristics that are different than a much larger SLR.

The rules are a bit different than with the SLR projects of the past:
1. The photo shall be taken between 0-24 in whatever time zone I am in at the time, with any imaging device. I may not be able to post them right away, but I will when I am home.
2. Manipulation, either thru settings, editing on device, or off-device editing are allowed this time around. I want to demonstrate that a mobile phone is a viable image capture device.
3. The image shall be of something notable, not just a photo of my hand to "satisfy" the requirement, as I have seen in some 365 projects.

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