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Project Start Date:  1-Jan-2011
All images Copyright 2011 by Jeffrey L. Cooper.  Contact me here.

After a 3+ year hiatus, this is Year 5- the Reawakening. Year 1 of Picture365 project archive is here, Year 2 is here and Year 3 is here, and the partial Year 4- Mobile Edition is here.

Welcome to my fifth year of Picture365. After a 3+ year hiatus to focus on work and a very busy life, I have returned, and live in a new state- California! Also, I left Nokia in 2013 (but I still work in tech). 2015 will be about reconnecting with photography, rejuvenating creative muscles, stretching boundaries, taking far more mobile, and with purpose, using additional editing processes at times (it has to be for a purpose- to stretch the imagination and have a creative angle).

The goals for Picture365* are to improve my photo taking capability and creativity, which will be challenged by being on a mobile device only with limited controls. It will help me by:
1. Paying closer attention to composition
2. Noticing things about my enviroment that are worthy of a photo.
3. Experimenting with new techniques and ideas- some may fail, some succeed- to add tools to my repertoire.
4. Push the limits of whatever camera I have.

The rules are similar to projects of the past:
1. The photo shall be taken between 0-24 in whatever time zone I am in at the time, with any imaging device. I may not be able to post them right away, but I will when I am home.
2. Manipulation, either thru settings, editing on device, or off-device editing are allowed this time around. I want to demonstrate that a mobile phone is a viable image capture device.
3. The image shall be of something notable, not just a photo of my hand to "satisfy" the requirement, as I have seen in some 365 projects.

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